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Learn the New Website Design and Optimization Tips Today


This article will go over the basic web design and optimization tips that you can implement today. Reading this today, you will learn the importance of a good looking website design and the reason you want to optimize from the beginning, including mobile optimization.


Website Design

Almost very business owns a website these days and those that do not yet will greatly benefit from starting one, even if it is just for blogging purposes. WordPress is what we will be using for our demo today. WordPress is a very easy to use platform, there are tons a free videos and content about how to use it and finally WordPress has tons of free plugins that make designing and even running your site very user-friendly and also help to speed up the process.

When designing a website you are speaking visually to your visitor. You should know fundamentals about design such as color combination, perspective and emotional response. Luckily when using WordPress you will have the option to just choose a template that will make things simple and aesthetically pleasing from the start.

Some of the plugins you should install from the start are listed below. I chose these plugins because we want to address the optimization with the design from the beginning. 

Recommended plugins:

Yoast SEO – This will help set up your structure, help optimize your titles and metas with making sure you have your keywords included in the right places in the right amounts. You can also use this to connect your Pinterest, youtube, facebook and twitter and finally google analytics or search console.

Shareaholic- I love this plugin because it looks very aesthetic unlike some of the older plugins I used to use that had outdated looking buttons

WordPress calls to action- I like this one because the goal of your site should be to convert the visitor to a client or at least add them to your email list so you can follow up later.

This plugin allows for popup calls to action as well as a lot more useful stuff.

Manual Image Crop- Cropping pictures is easy with this because it makes things very user-friendly and intuitive.

slide deck- Almost every single website will have a slider at the top of the home page and this is because they look great and allow you to present information to your web visitor in an engaging way.

Jet Pack- This is a very important plugin because this is how we will be optimizing your wordpress site to pass the google mobile-friendly test. Mobile optimization will play a huge role in your traffic because if  your site is not mobile friendly then google will not show your site to mobile users which make up at least 50% of the traffic you will be getting organically.


Optimization Tips

There are several things the algorithms are looking for when crawling a web page that if properly presented will greatly increase our chances of ranking organically. I will not go into everything but here are some of the most important things you can use:

Content- Web design is great when everything looks cool but if the web page does not have great content that the visitor will appreciate then they will wuickly leave your site and possibly never come  back so make sure to have great content.

Over kill- there is such a thing as mentioning a keyword too many times and this called over optimization. There is not a set rule of how many times you can mention the keywords without getting an over optimization penalty but generally the more a keyword is searched for the safer you are to mentioning it more. For example the word marketing is fine to mention more than “online marketing for beginners” or design vs website designs




How to Get Started with Radio

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Hi, I’m Ivan Mal from West Indies. You’ll find advantages of operating a broadcast place, however the procedure needed to get yourself a broadcast certificate is not simple and pricey. A lot of stations now begin as Web programs.

You may find it shocking, that it’s not that difficult or costly to start your own personal audio flow.

In this Centre, I will examine what’s needed, and just how to discover a host to supply your audiocast.

Choose Coding

The first thing you must do is always to decide on your coding form and audience.

That Is critical, because without knowing this, you’ll not understand what you should continue.

Will your development be generally chat, or involve some audio? If it is audio, what kind?

Also bear in mind that any music you perform could be susceptible to copyright and royalties. It is not really a lot for Net areas, but ensure you possess a budget for it. While, it’s seldom forced, maybe you are termed onto it, and also have to cover the audio. Prepare yourself.

Also, if you’re broadcasting music, you’ll require a greater bitstream. You’ll must be sure you locate a machine that may handle it.

Script Outlines and Playlists

a very important thing todo will be to produce your audiocast sound professional, even when it isnot.

I usually scrip my exhibits before I go live. I did so a lot of this before I started scripting. I did not recognize how annoying it had been, until I heard one of my exhibits that are very own. Avoid it.

Choose everything you will say.Write out collections of what you would like to speak about. These traces are acknowledged on the market as records. Ensure it is appealing. People listening to you don’t actually care what you did to the weekend. Except, anything fascinating or abnormal happened. Additionally, when creating your format, remember to compose as though your crowd is on the same intellect amount while you. Never discuss ” not up ” to people. Communicate with them while you could your own personal buddies.

Find an appealing fashion. Nobody desires to notice perhaps a frequent complainer, or a boring voice. However, there is ” complaining that is creative “. Once I hosted radio applications in the past, I was regarded for my sarcasm. People could basically tune in to my present to listen to my remarks that are cynical. This doesn’t benefit everybody. Training with things that are different, in order to find what works for you.

Pauses may be paid ads or public service announcements. In most cases, you’ll use public service ads, called PSA for limited. For running compensated advertisements, the process is hardly simple, involves legal contracts, and a few variety machines – specifically free versions – don’t allow them. Stay with PSA pauses only, when you are beginning your place for the first time.

Your playlist must have the track title, artist, length (must fit log), and location (index/filename) if MP3, or CD, record, LP number if over a physical media.
Finding A Host Server

You’ll next need to find a number server to supply into.

there are always a ton, and a few are free, some charge a monthly payment.

I recommend going for the one that is liberated to start. As you obtain more listeners, you may want to choose a premium assistance, as these supply benefits including, more multiple listeners (channels), higher bitrates (better quality), and Auto-DJ. Car-DJ allows so that it could be {streamed 24/7 without you being forced to do something.

There are two types of audio streaming servers, Shoutcast and Icecast. you need to find out what type you are utilizing when you startup your software for the first-time, although there is really no variation. Search on the internet for-free hosts.

The minimum bitrate for audio programming is 96 kb/s, and 64 kb/s for talk-only coding, but I would suggest 80 kb/s for talk. Also for something less than 80 kb, talk /s seems tinny and uneven.

another thing you’ll need is application to perform your development and supply it for the machine. You’ll find two excellent application for this: Mixxx and SAM Broadcaster. Execute a search on Google to view HOWTO make use of them

I hope this article will help you get started.